Phal Harlequins

It’s time to clown around! Harlequins are a class of Phal hybrids developed by orchid breeders in recent years. Spots and splashes of color inspire their nickname.

Harlequin PhalHarlequin PhalHarlequin Doritaenopsis flower

There are two categories of these flowers: Taiwan harlequins and painted harlequins. Taiwan types have spots. They can have little spots or big blotches. These may cover just a portion of the flower, or most of the bloom. Spots may appear in a random pattern, or seem to follow a structured design.

Harlequin Phal flowerHarlequin Phal flowerHarlequin Phal flower

Painted harlequins have a marbled pattern, like an artist has splashed paint from the center of the flower towards the edges. In both painted and Taiwan types, variations in light, temps, water, or fertilizer can affect the patterns. Therefore, the blooms may vary from year to year as growing conditions change. It’s just part of their clownish nature.

Harlequin Phal flowerHarlequin Phal flowersHarlequin Phal flowers

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6 Comments on “Phal Harlequins”

  1. Trudy1930 Says:

    What beautiful photos! I thinnk I like the painted ones best. they really look like a design in marble.

  2. Buster Says:

    Cool post

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  4. Maria Says:

    Those flowers don’t even look real! The colors are wonderful. Thanks for the very nice pics.

  5. Ben365 Says:

    What a great resource!

  6. Sam Yu Says:

    I have interpret a few of the articles on your website at this very moment, and I definitely like your style of blogging. I added it to my favorites. Thanks.