Cows, Cops, and Orchids

Native British orchids have found allies among UK dairy farmers. Many farmers are setting aside more than a quarter of their farmland for wildlife habitats. Native plants and animals are returning, like the beautiful Orchis pictured in the article (that British Orchis is a relative of the Japanese Orchis that I grow.) The farmers are following sustainable practices to encourage biodiversity, and they’re demonstrating that “nature conservation and serious commercial dairy farming can go hand in hand.” Sustainable practices can provide many benefits, such as encouraging beneficial insects, which allows farmers to reduce their pesticide use.

Wild orchids are also flourishing in Wales because of changing mowing habits. Conwy County has curtailed grass-cutting in local parks and other public lands until late summer to encourage wildflowers. It’s been a great success, and now even the local police department is finding native orchids on its grounds. “Some people see grassland as tidy, regularly mown lawns,” said Anne Butler, a local Biodiversity Project officer. “But when they see what grows in meadows, their perceptions might change.” It’s heartening to see rare orchids return when people make a little room.

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5 Comments on “Cows, Cops, and Orchids”

  1. Stuart89 Says:

    How do wild orchids grow in Britain? Isn’t it too cold?

  2. 800sj Says:

    That’s So COOL…who knew ?

  3. water orchids Says:

    Orchids create a wonderful look in your garden once they start to bloom. These flowers can provide you the kind of magical effect that you want your garden to obtain if proper care has been showered unto them.

  4. Linda S Says:

    good post

  5. A_Haas Says:

    I’m sure those orchids at the police station are well-protected!