Australian Orchid Returns

Australian conservationists have had notable success lately, and now they’ve rediscovered an extinct orchid species. The Robust Greenhood Orchid, Pterostylis valida, is a long-lost cousin of the Greenhood that I grow. Believed extinct since 1941, it’s been rediscovered in an area outside of Melbourne. It’s no coincidence that the new-found plants are growing on land owned by the conservation group Bush Heritage Australia. They’ve gone to great lengths to purchase important ecological sites, and remove invasive, nonnative species doing damage to Aussie natives. Rather than becoming rabbit food or overshadowed by fast growing weeds, the species has been able to bloom again. It’s a rare pleasure to find that something has come back from extinction. With only 8 plants known, the work is now starting to keep it from going extinct again.

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7 Comments on “Australian Orchid Returns”

  1. Larry R Says:

    i’m happy to see good news from our aussie mates!

  2. temen Says:

    It really is great news. The orchid must have been there all along but unable to bloom. It certainly lookslike a very pretty flower!

  3. nancy Says:

    Hoooray! One for our team!!

  4. Swoxott Says:

    Hi 2 all, this situation is huge!

  5. Kicker Says:

    Thanks for the article! Every time I like to read it.

  6. StollaCreel Says:

    Best post!

  7. Chip PS Says:

    But they’re too cautious and horrified of losing any plant. Its not so important to save every one.