Rare Australian Orchid Blooms in Cultivation

Australian scientists have successfully cultivated the bizarre Eastern Underground Orchid for the first time. Australia is known for its fascinating flora and fauna, but this endangered orchid may be the one of the most bizarre plant species in the world. Rhizanthella lives almost entirely underground, and only emerges above ground when it flowers. Without leaves, it grows as an underground rhizome, drawing nutrients from decaying leaves on the Eucalyptus forest floor. They’re usually found by accident during digging or construction.  Scientists are excited by these first Rhizanthella blooms in cultivation, as you can see in this Newcastle, Australia news story (update: video has been removed)

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7 Comments on “Rare Australian Orchid Blooms in Cultivation”

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  2. Brian Says:

    That’s a crazy fantastic story! Thanks for sharing.
    Here’s my post on Rhizanthella. And, yes, I found a way to connect it to cats…

  3. Lisa S. Says:

    There are so many weird kinds of orchids in australia, but this one takes the cake!

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  7. nancy Says:

    Wow, what a freaky orchid! I love it!