Waiting for the Sun

The solstice seems a little like an afterthought this year. Winter’s early arrival across the northern half of the planet has kept record cold temps and snowfalls in the news. Here in SF, our winter rainy season started in earnest last month. Although the Phals and Cymbidiums are starting to grow flower spikes, not much is in bloom. But the change of season always merits acknowledgment, so I’m happy to share a few photos from past orchid shows. A Miltonia, a Cattleya, two Vandas, and a Paph should inspire warm thoughts. The last of these photos is not from a show, but from the back garden. Bright orange flower buds emerging from an Ada orchid serve as a promise for the return of the sun.

Miltonia flowerCattleya flowerVanda flowers

Paph flowerVanda flowerAda flower buds

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2 Comments on “Waiting for the Sun”

  1. Sophie L Says:

    Beautiful orchids! Thank u for the photos.

  2. Brenda Y Says:

    I love that ladyslipper! There all great flowers, but that’s my favorite for sure.