Winter Challenges

Growing orchids in cold northern climates brings extra challenges in winter. First, cold temps mean that heaters run frequently, drying the air in the process. Low humidity can cause lots of problems for orchids, such as wilting blooms, pests, and disease. Tried-and-true methods to raise humidity include:

  • Grouping plants together
  • Placing orchids in humid areas of the house, like a bathroom or kitchen
  • Using a cool mist humidifier
  • Putting flowerpots on top of a tray of pebbles with water (keep the pots above the water level!)
  • Spraying regularly with a mister

Another winter challenge is insufficient light. Most commonly grown orchids originate in tropical regions of the world, where the sun is strong all year. Low winter sun and short daylight hours leave plants in a light deficit. Growers who see little sunlight during the winter should move orchids into brighter light, or consider adding some artificial light for the season. In time, your orchids will reward your extra winter care with strong new growth and blooms.

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