No long orchid name to battle here! Adas announce themselves with brilliant color. This mass of orange petals contains multiple flowers, and looks somewhat like a mound of shredded carrots. Fortunately, a solitary blossom also stands out for the camera.

Ada flowers and leavesAda flowersAda flower

Related to Odontoglossums and Oncidiums, this Ada species is native to the Andes. It lives as an epiphyte up to 8200 ft. (2500 m) in the mountains of Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela,. It’s an easy grower if kept in cool, moist, breezy conditions, and requires a winter dormant period.

Ada flower buds and leavesAda flowersAda flower buds and leaves

These small, tubular flowers open just slightly. Each bloom is about 1 inch (2.5 cm) long. While they may not readily reveal themselves to human eyes, they’re each perfectly shaped to fit a  hummingbird bill. They share their beauty and hardiness, but not their short name, with Ada hybrids like Brassada, Adaglossum, and Kriegerara.

Ada flowerAda flowersAda flowers

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  3. nancy Says:

    I thnk you just shredded some carrots, and now you’re claiming they are flowers. Why can’t you admit it? 😉

    Really they are such a remarkable color. Thank you for sharing your nice pics.

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