¡Que belleza!

That’s Spanish for “How beautiful!” It’s a frequently heard exclamation at Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens. These three members of the Cattleya family certainly inspire the thought.

Broughtonia flowerCattleya flowerBrassavola flower

Vallarta Botanical Gardens contains jungle trails and a clear mountain river where you can cool off (don’t forget your bathing suit!) Surrounded by bougainvilleas of every hue, exotic palms, and countless tropical flowers, it can be easy to miss the orchids. Some hide in the foliage; some are in pots or hanging in trees. Since we visited during the winter dry season, most were not flowering. Fortunately, the orchid conservatory had more than enough blooms for our cameras.

Lily pond and Hacienda de Oro Visitor CenterBougainvilleaHolstein Orchid Conservatory

You can donate online to the gardens, and support their mission for “the propagation, promotion, study, enjoyment, and discovery of Mexican plants, especially orchids.” If you’re in the area, one visit will show why the gardens were listed as a must-see destination in the travel book Lonely Planet Mexico. In case you need any more convincing, check out these photos showing two orchids and an anthurium. You’ll be saying “¡Que belleza!” before you know it.

Encyclia flowerWhite anthuriumOrchid flower

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7 Comments on “¡Que belleza!”

  1. Woody B. Says:

    Good article . Will definitely copy it to my blog.Thanks.

  2. nancy Says:

    thanks for the wonderful pictures!

  3. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » Ouch! Says:

    […] Vallarta Botanical Gardens has orchids, chocolate, and vanilla to enjoy, but it also has a painful side. […]

  4. PG221 Says:

    Hello! interesting site! I luv the cattelyas.

  5. Ruth Prieto Says:

    you can also say que bonita instead of que belleza
    thanks for your pictures

    también se puede dcir de esta manera q bonita
    gracias pr tus fotos

  6. JJ Romero Says:

    thanks for posting this.

  7. Ira Barkley Says:

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