Spring Orchid Checklist

Rhynchostylis speciesMasdevallia hybridOncidium hybrid

By the end of May, San Francisco’s rainy season has usually given way to the dry season, but this year’s weather seems anything but typical. Fortunately we’ve had nothing like the violent storms in other parts of the country. Instead, a cool, wet spring is keeping the garden well hydrated. The light rains and mild temps have eased my watering duties, allowing me to concentrate on other seasonal chores:

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5 Comments on “Spring Orchid Checklist”

  1. DB2010 Says:

    Love that masdavallia!! thx for the great pics!

  2. Mara Dempsey Says:

    Great photographs! I love that first shot of the purpel flower. It practically glows.

  3. nancy Says:

    Finally finished my repotting just in time for summer. I appreciated your reminder that everything needs extra shade on hot days. The sun can really fry a dendrobium or odont if its too hot.

  4. Anna Baum Says:

    I love the first two pictures!

  5. Gameking Says:

    I think this is one of the most important information for me. And im glad reading your article. Good job, cheers