Blue Phals

A South Florida news team is hot on the trail of a blue Phal mystery. Blue Phals sell at major retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s. They’re not naturally blue, but dyed instead. The horticulture industry has been dying other flower varieties for years, but the patented process is relatively new to orchids. Nobody paints the blooms; the producers infuse a dye internally. There are naturally blue orchids, like some Vandas and Dendrobiums, but none in the Phal family. In this case, the news team is investigating customer complaints about the blue blossoms’ high price and lack of a disclaimer on the plant label. To resolve the mystery, the stunning “Blue Mystique” Phals will have new labels clarifying that their color is artificial, and any future blooms will be white. Maybe someday an orchid breeder will create a similar hybrid, but for now, orchid lovers have a brilliant blue ruse.

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7 Comments on “Blue Phals”

  1. Eddie84 Says:

    Wonderful, keep it up thanks.

  2. Anna Baum Says:

    Thanks for your blog! I’ve seen thse in the stores and thought they were fake too. I love the shot of the greenhouse full of blue orchids. They’re still pretty even if there fake.

  3. nancy Says:

    Ha! Caught in the act! They really shouldn’t be deceiving people like that, but I can’t belive that investigative reporter didn’t have anything better to do. I mean corprorations are ripping us off left and right and they find a mislabelled orchid?

  4. Marguerite2002 Says:

    Love the blue blossoms! If they’re fake it doesn’t bother me b/c they’re still so pretty.

  5. socalgal Says:

    Keep away that fake stuff! Natural flowers are pretty enough. They don’t need to be dyed.

  6. ralen1 Says:

    Hey there, thank you for shedding some light on this. Gratitude. I hope you won’t mind if I place a link on my site pointing to yours? followers would be pretty riveted by all that you have presented here. Thanks in advance.

  7. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » Orchids in the Park Says:

    […] The article spotlights a marvelous blue Dendrobium, which will be one of many varieties for sale at the event. It’s a naturally blue orchid, unlike the artificial blue Phals in the news a few months ago. […]