Orchids in the Park

Orchids in the Park is “two days of orchids and fun.” It’s a sale and exhibition from the San Francisco Orchid Society, coming Sept. 17-18 to the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park, 9th Ave. & Lincoln Way. This is a junior version of the enormous Pacific Orchid Expo held earlier in the year.  Orchids in the Park features 20 vendors, along with orchid demos, lectures, and raffles. These photos from last year’s event will whet your appetite:

Prosthechea flowerCymbidium flowersBulbophyllum flowers

SFGate highlights Orchids in the Park in an “Exceptionally pretty blue orchid stands out.” The article spotlights a marvelous blue Dendrobium, which will be one of many varieties for sale at the event. It’s a naturally blue orchid, unlike the artificial blue Phals in the news a few months ago.

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6 Comments on “Orchids in the Park”

  1. claudia morelos Says:

    cool pics. that first flower is really wild!
    i wish i lived closer so i could goto the show.
    thanks for ur post

  2. Kelley Pierce Says:

    Thanks! Good post.

  3. Hanna at Orchid Care Says:

    If geography permitted, I would definitely attend the Orchid in the Park event because I am passionate about orchids and never miss the opportunity to view them and to learn as much as possible about them.

    I will look forward to hearing all about it in your future posts.

  4. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » Blues in the Park Says:

    […] It’s an uncommon orchid color, and it’s only one of many standouts from Orchids in the Park 2011. […]

  5. Zoey Olsen Says:

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  6. nancy Says:

    Not to split hairs, but that last picture looks like a cirropetalium. That circular arrangement always gives it away.