Precious Vanilla Pods

A vanilla farmer in Malaysia recounts the challenges of cultivating the world’s second most expensive spice. The Vanilla orchid grows as a vine whose flowers open for just a single day. After pollination by hand, the vanilla beans take months to mature, and then months more to dry and cure. That hasn’t deterred farmer K.K. Yong, who invested a small fortune, and began farming vanilla in 2009. He has yet to see a single bloom, let alone a precious pod. In the tropics of Southeast Asia, the climate is right, but the vines take at least 3 years to mature. For now, he has a farm of tropical vines to tend, and plenty of mosquitoes for company. According to Yong, “a big mosquito population means you’re doing something right – the environment is damp enough.” Despite the challenges, Yong is optimistic. “The market and price for vanilla is excellent. With so many people quitting the business, there’s a chance that I can be a major player if my plants start bearing pods!”

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5 Comments on “Precious Vanilla Pods”

  1. YogaRonnie Says:

    Great Blog post. I am going to bookmark and read more often. I love the Blog template

  2. nancy Says:

    Very interesting article, but I can’t imagine that lots of mosquitoes are a good thing 🙁

    I thought the short history of vanillia that it covered was fascinating. It was a slave who figured out the pollination method that’s still used. At least his name is remembered by history so he gets credit for it!

  3. Orchid Lover Says:

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  4. Kelly Snyder Says:

    Count me out as a vanilla farmer! I can still cook with it though.

  5. heidi triem Says:

    i didn’t know vanilla came from an orchid! how sweet is that! thanks. that was interesting.