Deceptive Beauties: The World of Wild Orchids

Giving an orchid gift can be tough at a time of year when that gift might freeze its blooms off. Instead, consider this gorgeous orchid book that’s getting lots of buzz — Deceptive Beauties: The World of Wild Orchids. Veteran National Geographic photographer and biologist Christian Ziegler explores orchid adaptions, diversity, and how orchids deceive their pollinators. Amazing photography reveals orchids in their native habitats, as well as butterflies, hummingbirds, and orchid bees. This stunning book also highlights how these captivating flowers survive in a variety of harsh environments. It makes a great holiday gift, and it’s much easier to wrap than a Dendrobium.

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5 Comments on “Deceptive Beauties: The World of Wild Orchids”

  1. Ana Ramires Says:

    That will make a perfect gift for my mom. Thanks for the great tip.

  2. Hanley Says:

    I saw this book in the store three weeks ago and I could not resist it’s charms! It is quite beautiful. I leave it as a coffee table book for my visitors and they all love it too.

  3. nancy Says:

    I love it! It looks like a great book. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. florist in penang Says:

    Books are everlasting.Flowers are eternal.

  5. Krista Agloda Says:

    I got my copy today! It’s really a beautiful book. There’s a big incredible hummingbird shot at the beginning of the book that I just keep staring at. Some of the pics are very detailed. Love it!!!