Winter Orchid Exhibits

Botanical gardens offer great escapes from winter’s doldrums. Visit these special orchid displays and transport yourself to the tropics.

January 14 – March 4
Phipps Conservatory Orchid and Tropical Bonsai Show welcomes guests to stroll through their spectacular gardens in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The show highlights orchids like Phals and Paphs along with the Japanese art of miniature trees. The conservatory also presents practical growing tips for orchids and bonsais.

January 20 – March 18
Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden near Charlotte, North Carolina invites visitors to “Join the Expedition” for its Orchid Spectacular. The event focuses on 19th century explorers who risked life and limb searching for unknown orchids. The garden features 5000 orchids and orchid classes.

January 20 – March 25
Near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Longwood Gardens Orchid Extravaganza provides a refuge from winter with thousands of flowers. This year’s event fills their conservatory with a variety of orchid displays, including an arch covered with 350 white Phals.

Winter Carnival Orchid Show

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6 Comments on “Winter Orchid Exhibits”

  1. Jeff Favaloro Says:

    I’ve been a regular for the show at Longwood Gardens for years and it always takes my breath away. The arrangements are really inspirational. Can’t wait for this year!

  2. Dalton Says:

    Thanks for tjis interesting information! I found it very useful =)

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  5. nancy Says:

    Maybe I can make it to Phipps in PA this year. I’ve been there for other displays but not for the winter orchid show. Roadtrip anyone?

  6. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » More Winter Orchid Exhibits Says:

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