Coelia bella has a graceful beauty, a rich fragrance, and a musical name. Its delightful purple, white, and yellow flowers emerge like little trumpets, and have the sweet scent of marzipan or almond oil. This species is native to Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Honduras.

Coelia flowerCoelia flower close upCoelia flowers

Coelia is easy to pronounce; just ignore the “o” and say “Celia” like the woman’s name. In the wild, it grows as an epiphyte or a terrestrial in rainforests up to 5000 feet (1500 m) in elevation. In cultivation, it needs frequent watering, shady conditions, and winter dormancy. This species tolerates a wide range of temps. However, it doesn’t like repotting, and extra care is needed to avoid damage to roots.

Coelia flowers and budCoelia flowersCoelia flower

The blooms can be as large as 2 inches (5 cm,) but this plant enjoying life on my back deck has slightly smaller 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) flowers. Besides this variety, another member of the Coelia genus in the final photo has tiny white flowers. This species, Coelia triptera, was on display at a local orchid show. Like Coelia bella, it’s also fragrant.

Coelia flowersCoelia flowerCoelia triptera flowers

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  1. Valerie Howard Says:

    How lovely! The flower look like they have purple nail polish on their tips. Thanks for the nice pictures.

  2. Andrew5h230 Says:

    Love the photos, I have never seen flowers like those before

  3. nancy Says:

    Beautiful orchid! I really love the pictures, esp the first row.

  4. PV Johnson Says:

    Great post & very nice pictures I must say. Simple but yet interesting and engaging. Keep up th good work!

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    Love the pics ! A cool post right there mate ! Cheers for the post .

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