Late Winter Orchid Care

As winter winds down, it’s still the dry season in the native homes of many orchids. They often take the opportunity to flower before the wet season begins. Cattleyas, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, and others need this dormant period to bloom.

Even when dormant orchids spring into bloom, resist the urge to water more. Many dormant types, like the examples below from the recent Pacific Orchid Expo, only need occasional drinks. High humidity will keep the flowers and plants happy.

When spring arrives in your neck of the woods, increase watering and fertilizing gradually. After flowers finish, it’s time to think about repotting. Check here to see if your orchid will need repotting.

Cattleya hybridOncidium hybridDendrobium species

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5 Comments on “Late Winter Orchid Care”

  1. matthew young Says:

    yeahh, orchids are boss. great blog.

  2. jfc Says:

    I love the first photo with the white and purple flower. The colors look like theywere painted on!

  3. nancy Says:

    I believe because I live in a cold climate that my orchids bloom later in spring. Then there out of winter dormancy so I do add more water. It makes sense that they typically flower in the dry season so the flowers don’t get damaged by the rain. Very interesting!

  4. carlo$ Says:

    Good post. Thanks for the info.

  5. Michelle C. Says:

    Marvelous photos! Thanks!