Project BudBurst

Project BudBurst invites you to give science a hand. Since 2007, volunteers have been helping to monitor the climate by recording the first leaves, flowers, and fruits of plant species across the USA. This includes native North American orchids. Scientists use Project BudBurst’s data to understand how climate change affects plant growth, and they make the data public for anyone to use. Volunteering is free, and it’s easy to get started on the Project BudBurst website. Create an account, register your location, and pick a plant to follow. You can contribute a one-time observation for a single plant, or follow lots of plants for several seasons. There are programs for kids and schools to take part as well. Join Project BudBurst to become a citizen scientist, share your garden observations, and contribute to important research.

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3 Comments on “Project BudBurst”

  1. Tucker Says:

    There is a critical shortage of informative articles like this. Thanks for posting about this important project: Project BudBurst!!!

  2. jfc Says:

    Very fun and highly recommended! In my little collection, I have one orchid species, a Dendrobium Kingianum. It hasn’t bloomed for me in a year but I registered to follow it anyway. It does have new leaves growing so that’s what I noted on the report.

  3. nancy Says:

    Thanks for the info!