New Orleans Orchid Society Show

Thanks to my friend Blake for taking these great photos at last weekend’s New Orleans Orchid Society Show. The society’s 60th annual show was themed “The Mystery of Orchids.”  It featured over 20 exhibits, more than a dozen vendors, a raffle, and lots of gorgeous blooms.

Vanda flowerExhibit at New Orleans Orchid Society Show 2012Paph flower

These samples from the show obviously enjoy the Big Easy’s humid subtropical climate. It’s the perfect home for warm growers like Vandas, Cattleyas, and other glamorous stars of the orchid world. Many varieties can live outdoors if they can be protected from hurricanes and from winter cold. Each is an exceptional beauty like New Orleans itself.

Cattleya flowersRhyncholaelia flower with fringed lipAscocenda flowers

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6 Comments on “New Orleans Orchid Society Show”

  1. jeremys9 Says:

    What great pictures! Tell your friend that he’s got a career in photography. I love that blue vanda and the ladyslipper shots best.

  2. maxx19703 Says:

    really good things here, just thanks

  3. Maria Puig Says:

    cool pics thanks

  4. Paolo Abdou Says:

    Subscribed to your blog, thanks

  5. nancy Says:

    Great photos! I love the vandas and the fringed lip on that white laelia.

  6. Maria Dimoulakis Says:

    I think this is a real great article post. Really Great. The photos your friend snapped are very nice. New Orleans is one of my favorites cities. Lots of great gardens there, and it seems lots of great orchids, as well.