The Amazing Monkey Orchid

Visit Kuriositas’ blog for great photos of The Amazing Monkey Orchid, aka the Dracula orchid. If you have any doubt why they call these blooms “orquidea mono or “monkey orchid” in Spanish, check out the second picture. With one look at the center of the flower, you may think you’re looking at Curious George himself. Can you find a troop of monkeys in the flowers of the aptly named Dracula simia?

Draculas live alongside real monkeys in the Andes. As air plants, these Masdevallia relatives even swing from the trees. Dracula blooms emerge from the bottom of the plant, and hang upside down. They’re just full of monkey business.

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4 Comments on “The Amazing Monkey Orchid”

  1. Georgia Ranger 93 Says:

    Nice blog, thanks. I really enjoyed this story. It would interesting to try to grow these orchids.

  2. DGF Says:

    Masdevallias orchids are among my favorites, and they are even better combined with the monkeys! 🙂

  3. nancy Says:

    I see the monkeys! Do you think real monkeys think these flowers look like themselves too?

  4. John Says:

    hey buddy, this is a very interesting article