If orchids could read blog posts, I might be suspicious of this Rhynchostele. I complained online that it hadn’t bloomed in 6 years, and a few days later, a pair of new flowers appeared. You can find it noted last in the list at Outdoor Orchids in San Francisco, part 1 under the name Lemboglossum. That’s its old name, and the name I know it by. Name changes, however, are better suited for a future post in the Orchid Names category.

Rhynchostele flowersRhynchostele flowersRhynchostele flower close up

This species grows at high elevations in Mexico and Guatemala, and doesn’t like temps above 80°F (27°C.) It needs bright light with some full sun, regular water, and winter dormancy.

Rhynchostele flowers and leavesRhynchostele flower side viewRhynchostele flower close up

I can’t figure out why mine chose this year to bloom after a 6 year hiatus. Species like this can be much more finicky than hybrids. Maybe this past mild winter suited it better. As long as it survives and occasionally blooms, I still have chances to figure it out.

As for that new name, Rhynchostele, I believe it’s pronounced “rink oh STEE lee.” No matter what it’s called, if it reads another blog post, I’ll be sure to let you know.

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3 Comments on “Rhynchostele”

  1. Paul Labastida Says:

    Mark, your site open quickly, thanks for your share, i like your pictures, I think the post was helpful and not shallow at all.

  2. nancy Says:

    I think I like the old name better? Where do I complain to about the new one? 😉

    Great flowers! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Morris Says:

    Nice pictures, thanks