Summer Orchid Care Tips

Orchid care changes with the seasons. On top of summer’s warmth, the sun is highest in the sky and hours of daylight are at a maximum. Even on cloudy days, plants are working overtime to photosynthesize.

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7 Comments on “Summer Orchid Care Tips”

  1. Jaclyn King Says:

    Hey. I stumbled upon your orchid weblog the in the search engines. This is an excellent post with helpful information. Appreciate the article. I’ll surely go back.

  2. vao75 Says:

    That’s a nice post.

  3. nancy Says:

    Helpful tips, thanks!

  4. Morris Says:

    Great share!…

  5. sprout237 Says:

    Thanks for your idea to try rubbing alcohol. This kills all the bugs and doesn’t burn the plant. I put it in my spray bottle to spray under the leaves too.

  6. orchid flowers Says:

    Thanks for you blog, it is very good. I was afraid to put my orchids outside, I know that sounds crazy, but it’s been so hot, and I want to see them thrive. I will put them out and see how they do. Thanks for the tips, I will be back to read more:)

  7. Marc Says:

    To the previous commenter — you may want to be careful putting your orchids outside during a heat wave. I’ll have a future post addressing this soon, but for now I would only recommend it if you live in an area with high humidity.