Ghost Orchid Alert!

The Miami Herald has a Ghost Orchid alert! In Florida, the Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary has a Ghost Orchid blooming within sight of its visitor boardwalk. Earlier in the summer, this plant’s first flower buds became grasshopper snacks, but 5 new buds have survived and opened. Besides the name Ghost Orchid, this species also goes by the name White Frog Orchid, since the curves of the flower lip resemble frog legs. Corkscrew Sanctuary preserves 13,000 acres (5261 hectares) of the Everglades, including North America’s largest remaining stand of old-growth Bald Cypress. Over the summer, the sanctuary is open to visitors from 7 a.m.- 7:30 p.m.

Ghost Orchid in bloom at an orchid show

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5 Comments on “Ghost Orchid Alert!”

  1. Gary U. Says:

    Very interesting orchid. I wish I lived closer so I could see. Thank you for sharing the picture, however.

  2. karen258 Says:

    great picture

  3. Donnielle Says:

    My first handmade fabric orchid sculpture was of the elusive Ghost Orchid. My favorite! I have it on my FB page or Instagram or even in my Etsy shop for sale. Search for UpCycled Petals on any of these sites to view. Thanks for sharing this amazing article. I would love to see one for real. But alas I live to far away.Wow!

  4. voove99 Says:

    Really like a frog more than a ghost. I like that name better.

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