More from Orchids in the Park 2012

As the largest and most diverse flower family, orchids abound with strange shapes, exotic designs, and brilliant colors. This month’s Orchids in the Park offered plenty of floral magic. The photos start with a large Lycaste bloom, a captivating Odont species, and an elegant fan of Cirrhopetalum flowers.

Lycaste flowerOdontoglossum speciesCirrhopetalum flowers

Next, the twisted petals of this Maxillaria species seem to dance in embrace. Competing for attention, an unusual Oncidium sports red and green mosaic leaf patterns. Meanwhile, long chains of tiny Dendrochilum blooms dangle like holiday decorations.

Maxillaria speciesColorful leaves of an Oncidium hybridLong chain of Dendrochilum flowers

More incredible sights from this magic show include the roots of a leafless Ghost Orchid. This is a Dominican relative of the famous Florida Ghost Orchid, and it has a similar spectral flower. In the middle photo, dozens of baby Cattleya plants in a flask grow in a nutrient solution, an instant orchid collection in a jar. Finally, graceful Samurai Orchid hybrids take a bow.

Ghost Orchid rootsCattleya seedlings grown in a flaskNeostylis flowers

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3 Comments on “More from Orchids in the Park 2012”

  1. Niraj Vinciquerra Says:

    Wow! I love ur photos. I feel saistfied after reading that one.

  2. Jean Lewis Says:

    The leafless one is so strange! How does it survie like that?

  3. Grace V Says:

    the one with all roots looks like a big bug!