13 Must-See Botanical Gardens

At MNN.com, the Mother Nature Network takes a tour of the world’s best botanical gardens, and finds plenty of orchids among them. To compile their list, MNN asked plant experts to consider their favorites, and also included gardens with rarities and historical importance. Not all of the listed gardens have orchids, but some house the world’s best orchid collections, like Singapore Botanic Gardens, New York, Atlanta, Kew in London, Longwood near Philadelphia, and Fairchild in Florida (home of the American Orchid Society.) The article includes info for each locale, with links, highlights, and the best times of year to visit.

San Francisco’s magnificent Strybing Arboretum didn’t make the list, so I’ve added a few photos from a recent visit to plead its case. I can’t guarantee that you’ll see a hawk taking a bath, but I can promise that you’ll enjoy remarkable sights in all of these gardens.

Hawk bathing in pond at Strybing ArborteumProtea flowerStrybing Arborteum in Golden Gate Park

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2 Comments on “13 Must-See Botanical Gardens”

  1. Jarrod Goldthwaite Says:

    Nice photos! Is that a sharp shinned hawk? Very beautiful and what a great shot that is!

  2. Marc Says:

    Thanks Jarrod. I’m better at identifying orchids than birds, but do I know that sharp-shinned hawks live in the park, so it’s possible. Thanks for the potential bird ID! I think there are other hawk species in the park too. Any birders out there who can ID it?