Samurai Orchids

Since August, these charming Samurai Orchid blooms have been brightening our home. Their enchanting flowers don’t have any fragrance during the day, but when evening arrives, they produce a strong, sweet perfume which belies their small size.

Samurai Orchid blooms close upSamurai Orchid flowersSamurai Orchid flower showing long nectar spur

Samurai Orchid flowers showing long nectar spursSamurai Orchid flower close upSamurai Orchid plant

Native to mountainside forests in Japan, Korea, and China, these prized orchids have been cultivated for centuries in Asia. Here in San Francisco, I face challenges growing my 3 Samurai Orchids. Over winter, they don’t mind living outside in our mild climate. However, San Francisco summers are too cool and foggy for them to flower outdoors. Even if the sun manages to warm up the day, our summertime temps routinely drop to 50°F (10°C) at night. To simulate a hot, muggy summer, I keep them indoors, and shuttle them between my heated office at night and a warm, west-facing room in the afternoon. In humid shade indoors, they relish summertime highs above 80°F (27°C) or even 90°F (32°C.) This keeps them happy and blooming until I move them back outside in autumn to enjoy cooler temps and more light.

Also known by their Japanese name Fukiran, Samurai Orchids continue to grow in popularity around the world. The newly established Fukiran Society of America is an offshoot of the All Japan Fukiran Society. Membership is free and open to anyone in the world who is interested in learning more about these elegant and fascinating mini orchids.

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    This web site has really great photos. I’ve never heard of samurai orchids before. Now I wish I could smell them!

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    Very unusual and pretty. Thanks for such great picturs!

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    very nice photos