Tulip Orchids

Orchids take many forms, some of them familiar. With these unusual blossoms, it’s easy to see how Anguloas earned the nickname Tulip Orchids. In the wild, they hang onto steep cliffs in the Andes Mountains of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. I don’t see them in cultivation often, and don’t have any in my own collection. These are photos from recent orchid shows.

Tulip OrchidTulip Orchid close upTulip Orchid side view

Many Tulip Orchids have long lasting flowers with a strong cinnamon fragrance. These terrestrials can grow into large, showy plants. Since they are related to Lycastes, many hybrid crosses are available under the hybrid name Angulocaste.

Tulip Orchids need high humidity, good air movement, regular water, and regular fertilizer. Give them morning sun, and take care that their leaves don’t burn on hot days. During winter dormancy, older leaves drop off. Cut back watering until they put out new growth. There are more yellow, red, and white varieties, but I don’t have pictures of those (yet!) except for the bright yellow Angulocaste flower in the final photo. These orchids are also called Cradle Orchids, and in Spanish, Cuna de Venus, or “Cradle of Venus.”

Tulip Orchid flowersTulip Orchid with curled petalsTulip Orchid hybrid

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  1. Melinda Says:

    Cool! I have never seen orchids like that. There are numerous in weblog webpages dedicated to orchids but yours is the best!

  2. Rachelle Christman Says:

    great pics, thanks for sharing

  3. Fran49 Says:

    Looking forward to reading more. Great blog post.Really thank you!

  4. Grace V Says:

    Weird flowers! Thanks for the photos.

  5. greg.ham Says:

    A round of applause for your cool orchids. Awesome.

  6. tiffany99 Says:

    What incredible Flowers!!!
    they look like little spaceships. Very good.Thanks

  7. Connie Tomasso Says:

    How strange!!! If you prefer a different orc hid, this one looks very unusual.