Mini Dendrobium Hybrid

As a large, diverse orchid family, Dendrobiums are popular choices for hybridizers. While larger Dendrobium varieties are more common, there are also many miniatures. I couldn’t resist the charms of this mini when I found it for sale at this year’s Orchids in the Park. Named Dendrobium Aussie’s Hi Lo, this hybrid combines traits from both its parent species.

Dendrobium flowerDendrobium flowerDendrobium hybrid in bloom showing how large flowers are compared to leaves

This little plant’s brilliant purple blossoms seem to overwhelm its tiny leaves. Its flowers reach almost 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) long, but its biggest leaves are less than 1 inch (2.5 cm) long. The leaves have small, white bumps which create a rough texture. Its blooms may look delicate, but they can last for months in wind and rain.

The next photos show a comparison of this hybrid alongside its parents. Looking at the parent species in the last two pictures, it’s easy to see how this mini got its good looks. The orange Dendrobium cuthbertsonii, from the highlands of New Guinea, lent its small, bumpy leaves, and a tolerance for cold and wind. Dendrobium laevifolium, from New Guinea and surrounding Pacific islands, provided the bright flower color and a tolerance for heat. It’s a great example of how hybrid vigor makes these crosses into tough plants.

Dendrobium hybridOne of the Dendrobium parents of this hybridOne of the Dendrobium parents of this hybrid

To grow these mini gems, provide bright light with some morning sun. They demand regular watering with good water quality. For most orchid growers, that means purified, distilled, or rainwater. Fortunately for me, it can handle the chemicals added to San Francisco’s high quality tap water. They need constant high humidity and good air flow. Fertilize weakly, weekly. Decrease water and fertilizer for winter dormancy, but maintain high humidity. Happy plants can stay in bloom for most of the year.

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