Vertical Orchids

Vertical gardening has been a hot trend in the gardening world, but it’s old news for orchids. As air plants in the wild, orchids grow vertically on trees. In cultivation, some growers keep them attached to mounts or tree trunks, as in the photos below. Taking the idea further to create living walls, this concept has spread greenery upwards, from Singapore’s supertrees to New York City’s High Line Park.

Anybody with limited room can use vertical areas to increase their green space. I usually see succulents, bromeliads, and ferns in vertical gardens, but orchids should work as well. As long as they have proper drainage, light, humidity, and air flow, most varieties will thrive.

Orchid collection hanging in vertical displayDinema species growing on tree trunk in HawaiiOrchid mounted vertically on tree trunk

To create your own vertical orchid garden, start with the right orchids for the growing conditions you can provide. Then you’ll need mounts or containers with potting material. With the new popularity of living walls, many more vertical planting options are available. Country Living offers creative ideas using pockets, trays, or pot hangers. Many derive from recycled materials. This vertical planter is made from recycled plastic bottles, with pockets large enough enough to support Cymbidiums, Cattleyas, or Oncidiums. Flower pot hangers can hold smaller types like Phals, Paphs, or Masdevallias.

For more info, check out these books on vertical gardening and vertical vegetable and fruit gardening. Add another dimension to your orchid collection. The sky’s the limit!

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