Orchid Show Blooms at the New York Botanical Garden

Starting today, March 2nd, and running until April 22nd, the New York Botanical Garden offers the best of the vast, exotic orchid family. With more than 3000 orchids on display, visitors can enjoy a slice of tropical rainforest in the Bronx. Curator Marc Hachadourian explains how the lush spectacle will change over the weeks: “As certain flowers will fade, we’ll replace them with new ones and throughout the duration of the show the color pallet, the types of orchids that are here will actually change and evolve as some plants go out of bloom and other varieties come into bloom.” That sounds like a great reason for repeated visits, in case you need it. The event includes orchid care demos, Q&A sessions, talks, tours, and more. Enjoy the preview video below.

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2 Comments on “Orchid Show Blooms at the New York Botanical Garden”

  1. Plant House Says:

    Beautiful and informative video. Love the Orchids especially bright red ones.

  2. Kasara Says:

    Your story was realy informative, thanks!