Pacific Orchid Expo Gems

I’m still sorting through our photos from the recent Pacific Orchid Expo, and I’ve found some more great shots from Dave’s camera. Enjoy these gems.

Masdevallia with Golden Gate Bridge photo in backgroundPhalaenopsis hybrid at Pacific Orchid Expo 2013Phalaenopsis hybrid at Pacific Orchid Expo 2013

Whether it’s the latest hybrid innovation or a stunningly grown species, it’s easy to see how the Pacific Orchid Expo can fill up the memory card of your camera. For now, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. Check back soon for more photo gems.

Epicattleya hybrid at Pacific Orchid Expo 2013Lady Slipper close up at Pacific Orchid Expo 2013Coelogyne species at Pacific Orchid Expo 2013

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2 Comments on “Pacific Orchid Expo Gems”

  1. Mark S. Says:

    Hi, Neat pics.

  2. C. Azines Says:

    Hi you have a great weblog over here!
    great pic with the golden gate bridge in the background…