Foster Botanical Garden

Say aloha to Foster Botanical Garden in Honolulu. Begin with three non-orchid photos so you don’t start thinking that Foster only has orchids. Foster has lots of other great stuff, too, like sweet plumeria, a colorful little lizard, and a fuzzy bee on fuzzy baobab fruit. It also has dozens of exceptional tropical trees, prehistoric plants, Hawaiian natives, palms, heliconias, a butterfly garden, and much more.

Fragrant Plumeria bloomsBrown anole lizard on a rockFurry bee on furry baobab fruit

Now for the orchids! Foster has an outdoor Orchid Garden and an indoor Orchid Conservatory. From the outdoor areas, the next three photos show a great Spathoglottis hybrid and two different Vandas growing in the warm tropical sun.

Spathoglottis hybridVanda leaves and flowersVanda flowers

Foster is Hawaii’s oldest botanical garden, dating back to 1853, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s grown into 13.5 acres (5.5 hectares) in the middle of busy downtown Honolulu.

Inside the conservatory, more warm growers thrive. From the twisted petals of an antelope-type Dendrobium to countless Cattleyas, Foster overflows with botanical treasures.

Antelope-type DendrobiumCattleya hybridDendrobium hybrid

Inside Foster Botanical Garden's Orchid ConservatoryOncidium flowersMiltonia flowers

Say aloha for now, and check back soon for more of Foster’s wonders.

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5 Comments on “Foster Botanical Garden”

  1. Micah Bertenthal Says:

    very good
    very nice orchids

  2. Alessandra Says:

    Excellent stuff, just wonderful! I wish I could grow beautiful warm growers like these.

  3. liverpool19 Says:

    What a wonderful world we live in…thanks for the pics

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