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During our recent visit to Foster Botanical Garden in Honolulu, Dave and I took plenty of photos. Since my first post was almost all orchids, this post highlights Foster’s other natural wonders. Don’t worry — there are more orchids at the end.

The crown jewels of Foster’s extensive collections are undoubtedly its exceptional trees, many planted in the 1850’s. Spread throughout the garden grounds, over two dozen of these impressive tropical trees are protected by state law. It’s not easy to capture the magnificence of a massive tree in a small photo, but I hope these pictures can offer a taste.

Quipo tree in Foster Botanical GardenTrees in Foster Botanical GardenLooking at Downtown Honolulu from southern tip of Foster Botanical Garden

Alongside Honolulu’s busy downtown, Foster is a great place to take pictures, hike through the gardens, or have a picnic. For gardeners in the tropics and others who can grow these plants, Foster is a showcase for exotic beauties. For the rest of us, these lush blooms and greenery are the stuff of garden fantasy.

Bizarre flower of the Cannonball TreeOrchid Conservatory Foster Botanical Garden in HonoluluBromeliad flower near entrance to Foster Botanical Garden

Jamaican Poinsettia in Foster Botanical Garden, HonoluluElephant Ear Plant in Foster Botanical Garden Orchid ConservatoryRoyal Poinciana flowers and buds

Foster also has many native Hawaiian plants. In addition, the adjacent Liliuokalani Botanical Garden grows only native Hawaiian species.

I’ll finish this tour, as promised, with a few more orchids from Foster’s Orchid Conservatory. These warm growers include a Tolumnia (an Oncidium relative,) a Dendrobium hanging from above, and one of many Cattleya hybrids. They’re just a few of Foster’s delights hidden in the middle of downtown Honolulu.

Tolumnia hybrid in Foster Botanical Garden Orchid ConservatoryUnusual Dendrobium  in Foster Botanical Garden Orchid ConservatoryCattleya hybrid in Foster Botanical Garden Orchid Conservatory

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  1. Wendy B. Says:

    Wow, How beautiful. Total eye-candy. Garden fantasy indeed! I have a sister who lives in Hawaii. In her backyard she has bromeliads and elephant ears and orchids which make me so green with envy!

  2. Rebecca McEuen Says:

    Hi, Really love the weird flowers! thank you! Fantastic.
    I’m trying to find things to improve my web site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

  3. TracyMorton28 Says:

    Thanks for sharing this interesting stuff for us! I love your photographs.