Phal Species

In a world full of hybrid Moth Orchids, it’s always a pleasant surprise to find a species. Typically seen with dark red spots and stripes, this species, Phalaenopsis mannii, also occurs with yellow flowers. This variation is known as Phalaenopsis mannii var. aurea. Its golden color, strange flower lip, and orange fragrance make it as interesting as any human-made hybrid.

Phalaenopsis mannii var. aureaClose up of flower lip of Phalaenopsis mannii var. aurea Phal species

Like other Phals, this species is native to Southeast Asia. It grows in a wide range stretching from the eastern Indian Himalayas through Nepal, Bhutan, southern China, Myanmar (Burma,) and Vietnam. There are several natural color varieties like those shown on this page of Look closely to see the subtle white stripes on the lower sepals of these yellow blooms.

Flower close up of Phalaenopsis mannii var. aurea Close up of flower lip of Phalaenopsis mannii var. aurea Moth Orchid species

These elegant, star-shaped flowers can last 3 months. As a species whose leaves like to hang down, it grows best when mounted. The roots can grow as long as 12 feet (4 meters). I bought this plant 3 years ago at a local orchid show, and it’s happy mounted on treefern in high humidity. The golden blossoms appear in spring among its long, straggly roots.

Flower of Phalaenopsis mannii var. aurea White color bands on petal and flower lip of Phalaenopsis mannii var. aurea Flower bud

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6 Comments on “Phal Species”

  1. Nancy Zheng Says:

    Beautiful flowers!
    Many thanks a whole lot for sharing!

  2. nicole Says:

    Very good pictures. I hope to see more posts soon!

  3. Alex Says:

    What a beautiful flower! I had to look very closely to see the white stripes. It’s not very easy to see.

  4. hogan365 Says:

    Great gold blooms! I love your blog, love your photos!

  5. nancy Says:

    Very cute. It has such a pretty gold color, not a shade I see very often. Flowers lasting 3 months! I think I want this one 🙂

  6. Larry McComas Says:

    Very interesting flower lips! Excellent article!