Summer Warmth

With today’s solstice, summer arrives in the northern half of the globe. Celebrate the arrival of the season with these orchid beauties:

Paphiopedilum speciesPsychopsis hybridDendrobium flowers

Potinara flowerVanda hybridMoth Orchid hybrid

Summer’s warmth and long hours of daylight kick orchid growth into high gear. Check out these care tips so your plants can thrive:

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6 Comments on “Summer Warmth”

  1. alex Says:

    Awesome blog. I enjoyed reading your articles.

  2. Rebecca McEuen Says:

    Great pictures! I like your web site.

  3. nancy Says:

    Very nice shot of that pyscopsis. Where did you take that one?

  4. Marc Says:

    Hi Nancy. The Psychopsis was growing in a greenhouse in Honolulu.

  5. Teresa Says:

    Very beautiful Ladyslipper. I love the pouch. It doesn’t look real!

  6. Bobbie Miles Says:

    Many thanks a whole lot for sharing! I will definitely be back.