Beneficial Insects

When trying to fight insect pests, remember that some of your best allies are other insects. For every aphid, mite, or beetle munching on a flower bud, there are hungry ladybugs, dragonflies, and spiders looking for lunch. These and many other beneficial insects work for free, have no toxic side effects, and only wish to be left alone to go about their business.


Orchid growers who keep plants outdoors know that bugs are inevitable. It’s easy to reach for the insecticide, but consider that you’ll kill beneficial insects along with pests. With predators gone, the pest population often returns unimpeded, resulting in an expensive and toxic cycle of chemical use. Without insecticides to interfere, Mother Nature can establish a balanced ecosystem. Beneficial insect predators keep plant eaters in check, and you only need to monitor that your bug-catching workforce is doing the job. In the event of a pest invasion, you can supplement natural predator populations by purchasing ladybugs or beneficial nematodes. If you feel that you need to use chemicals, choose pesticides that only target specific insects, like BT for caterpillars and mosquitoes, so beneficials won’t die with the pests. Let those good bugs stick around, and let Mother Nature work for you.

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8 Comments on “Beneficial Insects”

  1. HB Says:

    Really Good Work…. Your Helping People A lot

  2. Barbara Lin Says:

    This is the way farmers worked for centuries before artificial chemicals came along after in the last century. Now people are realizing these old ways worked pretty well and the chemicals are too dangerous. Spiders are your friends if you garden or farm.

  3. nancy Says:

    Yuck, that’s an ugly spider. I know they’re good bugs, but I still don’t like them.

  4. Diana R Says:

    Go green with bugs!!!

  5. KMN Says:

    I used to hate spiders, but their assistance in my garden has won me over. I can’t believe I used to kill the best pest eaters and think I could do their job better than they can.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Cool post

  7. vampiryan Says:

    cool post
    great dragonfly pic

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