Mini African Orchid Species

South Africa has so many fascinating native orchids that they seem to¬†overshadow this mini species. Maybe that’s why this charming Mystacidium isn’t common in cultivation. However, it is one of the most common orchids found in South Africa. Last summer, I blogged about my plant’s impressive display, and this year, it’s unfurled an even bigger show. Its masses of elegant, pure white flowers hang from the small plant, and emit a strong jasmine scent after sunset.

Mystacidium flowersMystacidium flowersMystacidium flowers

Don’t be fooled by this plant’s delicate appearance. Mystacidiums are tougher than they look. They can handle high heat and dry air better than most orchids. In their native habitats, they live in arid climates where few other orchids can survive. In dry woodlands and savannas, they grow attached to trees and succulents. These Vanda relatives have also adapted to South African citrus farms, where they grow as weeds on the trees. With this tenacity, Mystacidiums are great choices for growers in warm climates, and also for orchid lovers who want to grow mounted plants.

Mystacidium flowers close upMystacidium flowers showing nectar spursMystacidium flower close up

Mystacidium flowers and plantMystacidium plant and flowers on mountMystacidium flowers close up

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5 Comments on “Mini African Orchid Species”

  1. Blanca Snider Says:

    Love your pictures.

  2. Katheline Says:

    wow! such great little flowers. thanks for sharing these.

  3. Audra Cornman Says:

    I’m interested in knowing about mounted orchids…

  4. Chris Jarrell Says:

    I am aware of there are plenty of orchids I have never seen before. Yet just how strange this one is! I am studying these photos to see the unusual shapes. It is a very unique flower.

  5. c.hristi.a Says:

    I love these flowers.