Rare Orchid Discovered in Buckingham Palace’s Gardens

Exciting news from Buckingham Palace! Yes, there’s a new baby prince, and there’s also a rare orchid growing on palace grounds. Orchid lovers are excited about the news of the orchid species, which hasn’t been seen anywhere in London for over a century. The unexpected find is a White Helleborine Orchid, or Cephalanthera damasonium, a terrestrial native to Europe and Asia. Botanist Dr. Mark Spencer remarked “It is quite unusual to find the white helleborine north of the Thames, let alone in the middle of the city in the Queen’s back garden. It shows just how important green spaces are in built-up areas for giving wildlife a refuge.” The orchid was found by the London Natural History Society and the Botanical Society of the British Isles, which are jointly cataloging London’s greenery. So far, they’ve found over 450 types of plants in the palace garden. It makes a great botanical welcome for the new royal heir.

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