Orchids As National Emblems

Orchids are important symbols for many nations. The countries listed below have picked native orchids as national flowers, and proud emblems of their natural heritage. Many hold special meanings, often associated with important holidays. Some of these species are endangered, and their national status helps promote their conservation.

Black Orchid, the national flower of BelizeMonja Blanca, White Lycaste skinneri, the national flower of GuatemalaVanda Miss Joaquim, the national flower of Singapore

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4 Comments on “Orchids As National Emblems”

  1. R4 DS Says:

    This is like a protective bubble for orchids so that NOTHING hurts them. Think of how we saved the bald eagle. If a whole country has gone mad for an orchid, it won’t go extinct.

  2. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » Black Orchids Says:

    […] Many have “black” or “midnight” in their names, like the Black Orchid which is the national flower of Belize. […]

  3. Dani McNealey Says:

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  4. Geri B. Says:

    Cool post. Keep up the nice work.