Orchids in the Park 2013

With orchids in every supermarket, visiting an orchid show might seem unnecessary. However, last weekend’s Orchids in the Park proved why orchid shows are definitely worthwhile. The displays were full of unusual and exotic blooms. You won’t find these orchid varieties in a supermarket.

Schomburgkia speciesHabenaria speciesGastrorchis flowers

These flowers both defy and excite the imagination. They’re great reminders of how diverse orchids are. After growing orchids for over 20 years, I’m still surprised by varieties I’ve never seen before.

Catasetum flowerPsychopsis flowerEpigeneium species

Comparing these flowers to what’s available by the grocery aisle, it’s apparent that those supermarket orchids only represent a thin sliver of the orchid world. To enjoy treasures like these, visit an event like Orchids in the Park.

Phragmipedium hybridBulbophyllum flower close upMini Dendrobium flowers

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6 Comments on “Orchids in the Park 2013”

  1. Jan N. Says:

    Great pics! It looks like a fun event. Love that yellow orchid in the top row!

  2. Rob Sintuvat Says:

    Great story and photos about the show. I wish I could have made it this year. Maybe next year? I’m hoping.

  3. AboutOrchids » Blog Archive » More from Orchids in the Park Says:

    […] Dave took so many great photos at this year’s Orchids in the Park that it was easy to find enough for another post. […]

  4. Mark Says:

    Beautiful! I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for putting up.

  5. Ashley Bires Says:

    Hello there, Wonderful blog! I discovered your website through Google while searching for orchids, your web site came up, it seems great. Ia?

  6. Nicole712 Says:

    Orchids are not difficult to maintain. Their only problem is that they aren’t very attractive when they are not in flower. My wife keeps a few in her school and one is always in bloom. Beautiful blossoms, no scent. But it is impossible not to love the things.