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Dave took so many great photos at this year’s Orchids in the Park that it was easy to find enough for another post. The first set includes a shapely Paph, a haunting Dracula, and an intriguing¬†Vanda close-up.

Paph flowerDracula vampiraVanda species close up

Once again, these photos highlight the incredible diversity of the orchid family. Each appeals to a specific bug or bird as a pollinator. Of course, these fantastic shapes, colors, and scents appeal to lots of humans, too.

Laelia speciesMoth OrchidRossioglossum species

From the artistic yellow, white, and brown bloom of a Rossioglossum, to tiny, intricate Dendrochilum flowers dangling in a chain, there’s endless variety. You’re not alone if it’s tough for you to imagine how all these plants could possibly be related. It’s a guarantee that orchids are never boring.

Dendrochilum flowersDendrobium speciesProsthechea species

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3 Comments on “More from Orchids in the Park”

  1. Jordan P. Says:

    These pictures are spectacular! Too cool!

  2. LA Simone Says:

    My partner and I absolutely love your blog and find most of your post’s to be just what I’m looking for. Again, awesome blog!

  3. Burton Haynes Says:

    You have great orchids. Thanks for sharing.