Caring for a Valentine Orchid

With their beauty and elegance, it’s easy to see how orchids are challenging roses as valentine favorites. If you receive one as a valentine gift, check the care tips below the eye candy to help your orchid grow and thrive.

Phragmipedium hybrid flowers, Pacific Orchid Expo 2013 , San FranciscoRodrumnia hybrid flower, Pacific Orchid Expo 2009, San FranciscoDendrobium hybrid flower, Foster Botanical Garden, Honolulu, Hawaii

Doritaenopsis Ox Princess, Moth Orchid, Phal hybrid, Pacific Orchid Expo 2013, San FranciscoCattleya hybrid flower, Foster Botanical Garden, Honolulu, HawaiiRenanthera hybrid flowers, Kawamoto Orchid Nursery, Honolulu, Hawaii

What kind? –  Identifying your orchid can help you understand its care needs. Most orchids sold today are Phals, or Moth Orchids. Other popular varieties include Cattleyas, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, and Paphs.

Light – Place your orchid where it receives bright light. Many types enjoy some direct sun, especially over winter when light levels are lower.

Humidity – All orchids need high humidity. Dry air wilts flowers and attracts pests. Raise humidity by grouping plants together, or placing orchids in a bathroom or kitchen. Use a spray mister or a cool mist humidifier. Keep flowerpots raised on pebbles above a tray of water, always keeping the pots above the water level.

Watering – Use room-temperature water. Completely soak the pot, and then let all excess water drain out of the holes in the bottom. Don’t let the plant sit in water for an extended time, or its roots may rot. If wrappers, ribbons, or decorative containers block holes in the bottom of the flower pot, you’ll need to remove them to allow drainage and air flow.

Cut orchid flowers – Give orchids the same care as other cut flowers. Place them in lukewarm water, and keep out of direct sun. Change the water every couple days.

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2 Comments on “Caring for a Valentine Orchid”

  1. Katharine Says:

    Yes, I received an Orchid for Valentine’s Day! Knowing nothing about their care, I’m glad I stumbled upon your website!

  2. Henry91 Says:

    Hello very nice site!! Man .. Beautiful pics .. Amazing .. thank you for sharing.