Orchids on Mother’s Day

Cymbidium flowers and leaf, Cymbidium Finger of Suspicion, orchid hybrid, Pacific Orchid Expo 2014, San FranciscoDendrobium Osos Dream, orchid hybrid, Pacific Orchid Expo 2014, San FranciscoTrichocentrum bicallosum, orchid species, Pacific Orchid Expo 2014, San Francisco

Orchids have become such popular Mother’s Day gifts that moms are becoming orchid addicts as a result. They’ve discovered what many already know — orchids are easy and rewarding with a few basic care tips.

Zygopetalum flower, Pacific Orchid Expo 2014, San FranciscoPaphiopedilum Pandemonium x Ingenious, orchid hybrid, Lady Slipper, Pacific Orchid Expo 2014, San FranciscoMoth Orchid, Phalaenopsis hybrid, Pacific Orchid Expo 2014, San Francisco

Many orchids can sport their glorious blooms for weeks or even months. To get the most life out of your plant, check these orchid tips:

  • Identify your orchid to better understand its light, temperature, and water needs. You don’t need its exact name, just its orchid family. Phals, or Moth Orchids, are the most popular.
  • If you cannot identify your orchid, use these general care tips.
  • When watering, soak roots and potting material thoroughly. Let all excess water drain out of the holes in the bottom of the pot. Never allow the pot to sit in water for an extended time.
  • Eventually you need to remove ribbons, wrapping paper, or decorative containers if they block drainage holes.
  • All orchids need high humidity and good air movement. Dry air can cause flowers to quickly wilt.
  • As cut flowers, orchids don’t need any special care. Keep the vase out of direct sun. Change the water every couple days to keep blooms fresh.
  • Browse AboutOrchids for more growing tips, FAQ, and beautiful photos. Enjoying orchids has never been easier.

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  1. Jodi Says:

    What beautiful flowers 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

  2. marley30 Says:

    Love the purples !!!