Orchids Love an Outdoor Vacation

Lady Slipper flower, Paphiopedilum, San Diego Zoo GreenhouseCymbidium Lucky Gloria 'Miss Kim', orchid hybrid, peloric form, Pacific Orchid Expo 2014, San FranciscoZygotonia Midnight Blue 'Cardinals Roost', orchid hybrid, Pacific Orchid Expo 2014, San Francisco

Who doesn’t love a summer vacation? Orchids sure do. Many growers move their plants outdoors to take advantage of pleasant summer weather. Indoor orchids will thrive with fresh air and refreshing rain showers. Check out these tips to plan an outdoor orchid vacation:

  • When moving plants outside, keep them in a shady spot for two weeks. Their leaves need time to adapt to stronger light outdoors. Even sun lovers like Cattleyas, Cymbidiums, and Vandas can burn if they don’t have time to adjust.
  • Orchids may need more frequent waterings while living outdoors. Stronger light and air movement will dry them out faster.
  • Heavy winds or rains can damage plants. Trees and roof overhangs offer some protection. Bring plants back inside if forecasts predict severe weather.
  • Orchid growers in dry climates face the challenge of finding a humid outdoor area for their plants. Take advantage of any rainy days for quick trips outside.
  • Warm growers like Phals and Vandas need to stay above 65°F (18°C,) and should be brought back indoors if weather forecasts call for any drop below that.
  • Bugs are inevitable outside, but don’t reflexively reach for a toxic insecticide. Consider letting beneficial insects do the job. Ladybugs, dragonflies, and spiders work for free, but can’t survive deadly chemicals. Carnivorous plants can help control pests, too.
  • Many growers bring blooming plants indoors to protect flowers from pests and weather damage. Check for insects before plants come back inside.

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One Comment on “Orchids Love an Outdoor Vacation”

  1. Denise Lee Says:

    Loved this story. I was also a believer in the myth that orchids are too delicate to go outdoors! Thanks for setting me straight. We have many lady slippers out right now. Pink, white and one unusual, almost purple colored one. The ideal formula for them is in the shade. They love the summer rains!