The Latest Orchid Awards

Want to see the best of the best? Check out photos of 60 exceptional plants recently given awards by the American Orchid Society (AOS.) The AOS is showcasing these expertly-grown flowers, including many rare and unusual varieties. With superb photography, and constant updates, you’ll want to bookmark the page. You don’t need to be an AOS member to enjoy the site, but it is a great group to support, with lots of information and resources for orchid lovers. Members also receive the beautiful monthly Orchids magazine, with lots more photos like those online.

Learn more about orchid awards from my blog post about orchid names.

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2 Comments on “The Latest Orchid Awards”

  1. Marti Adams Says:

    I have a Phal that the blooms have died but I was told to cut the stem at a node and they may grow a new one. I did that. I was keeping it in my kitchen window that faces west (summer in Missouri) but I notice the leaves were starting to shrivel so I moved it and now it sits under a lamp that is on all the time. The leaves plumbed right back up then I notice a few weeks ago the a whole new plant has sprouted from one of the stems. My question is about that plant. Should I cut if off and pot it in a new pot? Should I leave it there for a while until it gets bigger? If I cut it off where on the stem do I cut it? It already has 3-4 small leaves and at least 1 root that is about an inch long.

  2. Marc Says:

    Your Phal has produced a keiki, or baby orchid. Many Phals do this, and yours probably started its baby as a survival technique when it was stressed. Check my post on orchid keikis for answers to your questions. Many people wait months for keikis to strengthen before cutting them off, so be patient with it. Good luck.