The Angraecoid Alliance

Angraecoids are a family of fascinating and fragrant orchids, and the Angraecoid Alliance is a group dedicated to their cultivation and conservation. These orchids are native to tropical Africa, especially Madagascar, and Indian Ocean islands. Many have gleaming white flowers, scentless during the day, but with rich scents at night. Sadly, many are endangered due to habitat destruction, illegal poaching, and climate change. The most famous angraecoid is certainly Darwin’s Orchid, with a flower that’s evolved for a moth with a very long tongue. Angraecoids include Angraecums, Aerangis, Eurychones, Jumelleas, Mystacidiums, Oeoniellas, and other closely related species. Check out the Angraecoid Alliance site for more pictures.

The Angraecoid Alliance promotes habitat conservation in Madagascar and tropical Africa, and educates orchid lovers how to best grow these plants in their own collections. You can support the Angraecoid Alliance by becoming a member (it’s only $10!), following on Facebook, and learning more about these gorgeous orchids.

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