Ghost Orchid Scientists Aim to Restore Rare Florida Flowers

Scientists are working to restore wild populations of Florida’s native orchids, including the famous Ghost Orchid. Seedlings grown in labs are being transplanted in the Everglades. So far, results have been promising, with many young plants surviving the move. For most of the year, these bizarre, leafless orchids are simply masses of roots attached to trees, sharing the swamps with alligators, mosquitoes, and leeches. But for a week or two in summer, they bloom with exquisite white flowers which seem to float in the air. Habitat destruction, poaching of wild plants, and pollution have decimated wild Ghost Orchid populations. Fortunately, restoration projects like this and the Million Orchid Project are bringing hope that these rare treasures can be saved.

Ghost Orchid, Dendrophylax lindenii, orchid species

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One Comment on “Ghost Orchid Scientists Aim to Restore Rare Florida Flowers”

  1. Marc Says:

    Click here for more news about the Million Orchid Project in Florida.