Orchids for Hillary

AboutOrchids only dabbles in politics related to orchid conservation, and this post is no exception. If you’re an orchid lover, the only choice for president this November is Hillary Clinton. The Republican nominee would be a disastrous decision for many reasons, but the one that’s most important on this blog is saving our endangered planet. That requires science, and Trump is anti-science. This recent article from Scientific American disqualifies him from the job on that single point alone. Fortunately, polls are looking good for Clinton now, but it’s not over til it’s over.

Paphiopedilum rothschildianum, Lady Slipper orchid species, Pacific Orchid Expo 2015, San Francisco, CaliforniaLabeled as Cattleya schilleriana, orchid species, Pacific Orchid Expo 2015, San Francisco, CaliforniaDracula gorgona 'Regency Brown', Pleurothallid orchid species, Pacific Orchid Expo 2015, San Francisco, California

The photos above illustrate three examples of endangered orchid species which need Hillary Clinton to win. These are just a few of many thousands of orchid species which are imperiled by climate change, habitat destruction, pollution, and poaching of wild plants. Hillary Clinton has a strong environmental record, and she has pledged to tackle climate change and other problems. If orchids could vote, their choice would definitely be Hillary Clinton for president.

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4 Comments on “Orchids for Hillary”

  1. June Says:

    Unfortunely I was looking for a trustworthy site about orchids and not a political commentary. First of all, if you believe anything that Hillary says as truth, your are either naive or not following the news. Orchids do not have enough money to “pay to play”. All Hillary cares about is herself and her bank account, definitely not orchids or climate change. Besides since orchids do best in warm, humid climates, maybe global warming might be better for them! From a Deplorable

  2. Marc Says:

    This is a trustworthy site about orchids, and I explained in the first sentence of my post why this is relevant here. I focused on the singular issue of science, and nothing you said changes the facts stated in the Scientific American article in the link above.

    You did bring up some issues which I had not addressed in the post, so I will address them here. If you believe a word that Trump says, then you are the naive one. Republicans have spent hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money on a quarter-century of Hillary investigations, and never even found evidence to charge her, let alone convict her, of any crime. Maybe you should question your news sources about why they never discuss that. In fact, the nonpartisan Politifact currently rates Hillary is 73% true/part true but Trump is only 30% true/part true! And I find it very ironic that you seem to hate Hillary for unproven “pay-to-play” accusations, but ignore the fact that Trump has bragged for years about how dirty his own little hands are in this regard.

    Also, if you look more closely at this site, you will see that AboutOrchids is based on my experiences keeping cool-growing orchids outdoors on the foggy Northern California coast. Orchids are a huge plant family, and many are not heat-lovers. So those orchids are all directly endangered by climate change. For example, here’s one of our favorite outdoor orchids which comes from high in the Andes, and hates warm weather.

    And yes, even warm growing orchids are endangered by climate change. Minor temperature increases can damage some ecosystems, leaving them unsuitable for their orchid residents. Also, many orchids rely on a single insect or bird species as a pollinator. If that species goes extinct, or simply moves elsewhere, the orchid species will disappear as a result.

    I urge you to rethink your political choices and your news sources. #ImWithHer

  3. Kevin Says:

    If you believe that global warming that you can do something about is killing orchids, then you are killing orchids with your website by causing a computer to have to run in order to have your website. If you really believe in man caused global warming, you would shut down your website to save orchids. It is just common sense if you really believe people, of which you are part, are causing global warming.

  4. Marc Says:

    You’re correct that every human, including me, shares responsibility for human-caused climate change. I personally do my best to conserve energy. I turn off lights and unplug appliances. I have a car that gets great mileage, and use public transportation when I can. I also live in a state that requires our energy companies to use increasingly greener energy. In fact, we recently signed up for an option to pay a little extra each month for even cleaner green energy. And we are planning to install our own solar panels as well. Of course, there’s always room for all of us to improve and do more, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to unplug everything and drop off the internet. I use AboutOrchids to help people enjoy orchids, but also to educate, plead for conservation, and highlight the very real danger of climate change. That’s part of what I do to save the natural beauty of our planet. What are you contributing?