April Orchid Events Are Cancelled

For many years, I’ve done my best each month to assemble listings for orchid events around the world. This month, sadly, I need to say that if there are any shows, auctions, or conferences still happening, you shouldn’t go. Shelter at home to help stop the spread of COVID19. Use the time to care for your plants and connect virtually with other orchid lovers. Visit AboutOrchids.com for pretty pictures and as a break from bad news. I don’t know when we’ll be able to revel in the magic of orchid shows again, but right now the priority is to protect lives. There are already many orchid resources, and people are creating ideas for orchid lovers to connect virtually. For example, there’s a call to make April 4th a “Global Virtual Orchid Show” with the hashtag #GVOS2020. Everybody can post a photo of one of their orchids in bloom across all social media. I’ve also seen the hashtag #VirtualOrchidShow being used.

And for a lovely slice of paradise, enjoy this guided video tour of the New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show. Unfortunately, this exhibit had to shut down early, but you can safely immerse yourself in glasshouses full of amazing orchids in the video below.

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