Scientists Warn That Traders and Traffickers Are Winning the Orchid Battle

Orchids sell by the billions, and 99% of known sales are legal. They’re usually human-made hybrids, not wild plants. But there’s also a vast illegal trade in wild orchids. The buyers include unscrupulous orchid collectors whose demand can cause extinctions. Newly discovered species can be quickly stripped from the wild. Scientists often find new varieties by spotting them in local markets, already for sale before being identified. It’s likely that many species go extinct before they’re named. Even worse, it’s not just a problem for ornamental orchids. Some types are collected to be eaten, while others are used in traditional medicines. Around the globe, traders and traffickers are beating scientists and conservationists, and orchids are disappearing. Experts are raising the alarm, and taking steps like hiding locations of new discoveries. Orchid lovers can help by supporting conservation groups, like the American Orchid Society, Orchid Conservation Alliance, and other charities. Also, never take orchids from the wild, nor buy from those who harvest wild plants. Ask if you’re not sure, and help win the orchid battle.

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