An ‘Orchid Thief’ Sequel in Coral Gables

Chalk this one up to the fact that some orchid lovers behave poorly. The Miami Herald reports on orchid thefts in Coral Gables. Somebody stole $4,000 worth of orchids that residents had attached to trees. Several years ago, a few people started planting Moth Orchids and Dendrobiums to beautify their neighborhood. They were stolen in early June, so locals invested thousands of dollars to replace them. This time, they hung them higher in the trees to discourage theft. The culprit returned and stole them again, anyway. Fortunately, the crook was arrested after being caught on surveillance video. It doesn’t involve the high drama and endangered species of the bestselling book The Orchid Thief, or subsequent movie Adaptation, but it’s another reminder that not all orchid lovers are well behaved.

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